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Why Choose a Wedding Planner Instead of a "Family Friend"?

When it comes to your wedding, relying on a professional wedding planner rather than a "family friend" brings numerous advantages. Consider the following scenarios:

Vendor accident: Imagine if your DJ (or any other important vendor and they are all important) encounters an unfortunate accident on your wedding day and is unable to make it to the wedding in time. Will your friend have a network of alternative DJs to promptly find a replacement? At Bliss Events we have a vast network of trusted professionals to ensure seamless transitions and uninterrupted entertainment. This is what 17 years of experience gets you!

Liability Concerns: In the event of an accident or injury at your wedding, the person in charge may face legal consequences. Does your friend possess the necessary insurance to protect against such situations? We, on the other hand, provide comprehensive insurance coverage, granting you peace of mind throughout your special day.

Handling Unexpected Situations: From a collapsed cake (happened) to frozen flowers and tardy or no-show vendors (also happened), unforeseen circumstances can arise. Does your friend possess the expertise and knowledge to handle these challenges seamlessly? There is not a whole lot we have not seen in 17 years. The majority of the time, we handle the situation and the bride and groom never know about it!

Wardrobe Emergencies: Accidents happen, such as getting blood on your dress (happened twice) or makeup on your shirt (several times). Would your friend know how to handle these incidents and possess the necessary tools to rectify them? Our team is equipped with the expertise and resources to handle wardrobe emergencies promptly and effectively.

Before entrusting your wedding day to anyone other than an expert, it's essential to contemplate these factors. With a professional wedding planner, you gain access to extensive networks, insurance coverage, problem-solving abilities, and the assurance that your day will be executed flawlessly. Choose expertise and experience for a wedding that exceeds your expectations.


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