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Vendor Spotlight- "Do you believe in magic?"

"We just want our guests to have so much fun at our wedding!" This is what Maggie and Heath told me when they first hired me. They had all kinds of great ideas, but one, in particular, got me super excited—it was something I had never heard of or seen at a wedding before! They wanted a magician, and that's where this month's vendor spotlight comes in. I had the privilege and honor of working with the magnificent Richard E. Darshwood, the host of The Never Not Amazing Show!

While I've always held a fascination for magic, experiencing it firsthand at Maggie and Heath's wedding was a revelation. I must admit, I was thoroughly mesmerized.

I sat down with Richard and got to know him a little better. What an interesting man! And so very talented!

1. How long have you been doing magic? Officially, I've been a full-time entertainer for the last 15 years but I have been doing magic since I was nine years old. Got my first set of tricks back then and I was doing shows by the time I was 12.

2. What got you started? My Uncle was the one who first introduced me to magic at an early age. He was a traveling stage illusionist which I thought I would one day grow up to become as well but I instead followed the path of a close-up or sleight-of-hand magician instead of one of those guys who works with giant boxes, dancing girls in sequined outfits and live tigers.

3. Do you typically do weddings? I have a variety of services that I offer and my list of clients is extremely diverse. I have done kids' birthdays, major corporate events and conferences,, fundraisers, and all kinds of private parties. I also do tableside/bar magic at a handful of public venues in the Louisville area. In the UK, having a magician perform at your wedding is almost as important as having a DJ and a catered meal. Wedding magicians are extremely prevalent over there and it's clearly a great way to keep guests entertained at receptions but hasn't - for some reason - caught on as a common attraction here in The States. I'm hoping to change that.

4. What is a typical cost for two hours or how do you price it? My current pricing for weddings is $900 for two hours and my website is On my site, I list the five main reasons why you should absolutely hire a magician for your wedding reception. Take a look!

5. When you are not wowing people with your magic - what do you love to do? Where do you love to travel? I am actually a classically trained chef and a graduate of The Pennsylvania Institute of Culinary Arts. I still cook often and even manage a small cafe during the week. I love to read and meditate, go on hikes, or just enjoy a cocktail or two with my pals. Oh, and I play Dungeons & Dragons just about every week too. My career in magic has allowed me to meet and mingle with tons of truly amazing people and I've been able to travel all over the world. I've even been as far as India to perform.

6. If you could be any superhero who would it be? Dr. Strange is probably my favorite superhero because he combines his knowledge of science and medicine with metaphysical superhuman abilities and he can control time which is super cool. If I'm being honest though, I'd rather be James Bond. I know he's not technically a superhero but I'm gonna make 007 my final answer even if I'm breaking the rules. He's super suave. Always dressed well. Always gets the girl even though he's a total loner. And he never fails to get out of any predicament in order to save the world.

Love this answer!!!!!

I always encourage my couples to be unique and not worry about wedding traditions - if you do not want to do the bridal party entrance- don't do it! Do what makes you happy and what you want to do. Don't be afraid to be different! Add a little spice to your wedding, bachelorette/bachelor party, or wedding shower, and give Richard a call!


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