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Buying a traditional guest book for your wedding that people sign is like reading 100 doctors' notes! 

I have always thought a guest book is a waste of money.  Maybe it is because I have been married for 24 years and NOT ONCE have I opened my guest book.  And if I did,  I know I would not be able to read half of the signatures. Also, I had over 400 people at my wedding–want to take a guess how many people signed it? Less than 200!  And I see this all the time at other weddings. I have to ask the DJ repeatedly throughout the night to remind guests to “sign” the guest book. 

So what’s the point of a guest book?  If you want to see who was at your wedding- look at your photos (make sure you do a photo dash and get a photo with each table) or look back at your video. Or, drum roll please,  do something fun that your guest will actually do and that is not a signature, but a voice. Think of it like your phone full of voicemails! But ones you will actually listen to and keep!

Move beyond the traditional guest book and opt for a timeless keepsake you'll revisit again and again. Instead of a conventional sign-in book, invite your guests to leave heartfelt digital messages. Hear the excitement, laughter,  and joy in their voices. Hear the way the voices change over the years!  I absolutely love to hear my three-year-old niece talk.  Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to bottle that voice up and hear what she sounds like in 20 years and compare them?!

Imagine having the cherished voices of your loved ones who pass away, like grandparents and eventually parents, preserved for generations to come.  If only I could have had this at my wedding (20 plus years ago), to hear a message from my dad and grandma who have since passed away—what a priceless treasure that would have been. 

I love this product so much that I decided to sell it.  I joined up with Next Event Photo Booth and I now can offer my customers this as an al carte service or part of my planning packages.  

To see the product in person- stop by the Louisville Wedding Network Wedding Show this Saturday from 1-4 at the Henry Clay.  I will have a table there displaying these adorable, fun phones.  I also will be giving away ONE FREE guestbook to one lucky winner. So stop by see how they work and enter to win! 

Make sure you register so that you are eligible for other free stuff:


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