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 Are wedding planning woes making you want to pull your hair out? 

If you are just getting started or have been engaged for a while and you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out---this offer is for you! If you have all your vendors booked and the wedding is approaching, but you are not sure you have everything covered or maybe you would like to see a detailed timeline for your day-- this offer is for you!

I realize a wedding planner is not in everyone's budget...... BUT I CAN STILL HELP!!!

For just $200 you can have a one-hour call with me! We can tackle all your wedding questions, build your timeline, or even craft a budget that won't make you want to elope to Vegas. And, let me tell you, I'm like the Flash of wedding planning—I can accomplish A LOT in just one hour!

You might wonder what makes me an expert. The answer? I've been orchestrating weddings and events for a whopping 17 years! I've turned more than 175 weddings and events into unforgettable moments. Don't just take my word for it—check out my reviews and see what my past clients have to say!

This wedding planning can be scary! Don't go it alone! Let's make your experience so joyful and save your hair!


  1. Schedule a call with me via the booking link button below.

  2. Pay the invoice you will receive following the booking.

  3. Accept the calendar invite.

No contract is necessary. No other purchase is necessary.

Happy Fiance - Happy Life!


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